India is one of the few countries with long sunny days and abundant sunlight. With 300 sunny clear days in a year, mounting to three-thousand hours of sunshine, the potential of solar energy in India is enormous. Generating renewable electricity is crucial where approximately four hundred million people live without an access to electricity. The current market is driven mainly by the rising power demand and prices of fossil fuels. Thirty-five percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by electricity and heat generations, Therefore countries are looking for other means to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy resources.

Autonic, a leader in providing solar energy solutions is taking the Indian market to grow significantly and assisting the nation in becoming the largest producer of energy from renewable sources. The company’s approach is to study, understand, create, and enhance the energy environment. Autonic primarily focuses on solar rooftops, utility-scale projects, and floating solar solutions. The corporation was founded with the ambition of adopting a leadership role in solving everyday energy issues and climate crisis.

The Visionary Leader

Sachin ReleCEO of Autonic, has led the company with his insightful leadership since the last two decades. Autonic, under his leadership is in the renewable energy industry since 1994. The company transformed its name into a brand by creating industrial applications for the energy industry and within the span of five years the company dominated the Inverter UPS line. Sachin, recognizing the solar opportunity in the market, transitioned Autonic into solar energy solutions provider in the year 2005.

Snapshot of a Decade plus Domination

The experience attained by the company in the last twelve years is broadly based on innovative minds, creating a learning organization. Autonic’s foray into solar domain started in 2005 with an off-grid installation of solar street lights and home lights. Autonic has hands-on experience in wind solar hybrid solutions, successfully running micro-grid installation in Bardi, near Indore since 2010. The firm has successfully commissioned over 167 sustainable projects working on solar EPC schemes, for both ground-mounted and rooftop installations. The enterprise is a learning organization with a focus on talent development and nurturing and that’s why it retains respectable and repetitive customers. Experience, training, knowledge, and innovation have led the company to specialize in solar EPC. Constantly looking for innovations and solutions in the field along with customers has always produced guaranteed results for Autonic.

The Frontrunner in the Division

The organization has created its name in developing a ‘first’ time product for clients existing throughout the nation. For the banking industry, Autonic established the first solar ATM for IndusInd bank back in 2009. The company also instituted a solar powered freezer for Coca-Cola. Moreover, India’s first retail shopping chain, ‘Shoppers Stop’ was also formed by Autonic. Other ‘first’ projects include a hundred kilowatt ware-house installation at Deccan Warehouse, a solar solution for Bhoruka’s Coolex Cold Chain and a microturbine for Infosys. The firm’s installation systems with ‘Shoppers stop’ and ‘Mercedes India’ has performed seamlessly for over four years without any slowdown.

From Passion to Professionalism

The vision of Autonic is to generate clean power by designing a robust performing system, installing the system, and enjoying the fruit of system over its life. CARE ratings rated Autonic a 1D rating for its technical and financial competencies. The company has a professionally managed executive team on board comprising COO, CFO, design, and project with thirty plus members providing end-to-end solar solutions. The dedicated design and project management team executes the most complex projects with the constant support of a focused solar generation monitoring department. Over 167 solar projects have been established by Autonic providing solar solutions in the states of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Telangana, and Gujarat. The company has recently completed a project in Saudi Arabia and is looking to expand in the markets of Middle East and Africa.

Recognitions at a Glance

Several clients of Autonic have received awards for their investments in renewable energy, creating a rock-solid landmark for the company.  In 2012, Autonic created a wind solar hybrid system for DD Vispute College and in 2013, a solar rooftop for Shoppers Stop. All these recognitions are addressed by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency. Furthermore, the company has won the Tata Innovista recognition award for Tata capital project in 2014.  The company received honourable mention in the world’s most prestigious ‘The Green Dot Award’.

Achieving the Visions Mutually

The company strictly believes in blue ocean strategy and doesn’t think that the competition has to fall in order for them to rise.  Autonic has technical tie-ups with a Spanish company to manufacture floating solar solutions to cater to power generation on water bodies. The Government of India, realizing the potential of floating solar, intends to install one GW of floating solar power plants.


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