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Site Location

  • Owner: Public-Sector Petroleum Company
  • Type: Commercial (Petrol Pump)
  • Address: Haryana, India
  • Available Area: 315 Sq Mtr


  • Type: Solar PV
  • Type of installation: Ground mounted
  • Installed On: 16th September 2017
  • Size of solar power plant system: 31 kWp / 100 modules
  • Battery Capacity: 2V 800Ah [60nos]
  • Purpose: Electricity generation and storage
  • Invertor Capacity: 3 in 1 out 30kW [1nos]

Due to high demand for petrol and diesel, there are countless number of petrol stations catering to the fuel demand of India. Many petrol pumps need to be operational on a 24×7 basis. Running these pumps require a constant supply of electricity, in areas of deficit power, most of the pumps operate on diesel generators as an auxiliary source of power.

Diesel Generators

There are high operational costs for running these generators and maintenance costs. The use of an alternate power source like a diesel generator can also be unreliable as these have a higher switch over time, this would cause the dispenser pump to shut down almost instantly. Sudden power failures and fluctuations leads to loss time, money and fuels and also end-up damaging dispensing units at the pumps.

Specific Problem Statement

The petrol pump located in Rewari, Haryana which is about 92 kilometers from Dehli, used DG sets of 30 kVA and 62 kVA as the only auxiliary source of power.

The available grid power at this location was about 6-8 hours a day. **

For running these DG sets for 16 hours a day the estimated values are as follows:

  • Diesel consumption of 80 liters per day
  • Costs for running the DG is approximately ₹4,560 per day
  • This accounts to be almost ₹1,38,700 monthly and ₹16,64,400 annually
  • The average monthly electricity bill was approximately ₹29,000 and ₹3,48,000 annually.


Post Solar
Green [email protected]

The solution by Autonic is specially designed for petrol pump application, to manage high inrush current from pumps and multioperation loads. The unique solutions support almost all the load for smooth operation of petrol pumps. This battery backed up solutions reduces the Diesel usage and optimizes the plant operation. Automatic operation mode allows trouble free interface and seamless change over to solar without any interruption.

The 31kWp battery-based storage SPV system was installed mid-September of 2017. After a month of installation and plant operation, the data shows a drastic reduction of the operational hours of the DG and a daily 8-hour supply from the grid. Based on data provided:

  • the calculated monthly expenditure for running the DG sets has reduced to approximately ₹20,805.
  • results show ­an 85% decrease in DG operation costs after the installation of the Solar Power Plant.
  • the new calculated monthly electricity bill is approximately ₹23,000, resulting in a decrease of 20.7% from before.

This 31kWp project has a total calculated:

  • cost savings of ₹1,23,895 / month
  • diesel savings of 2,040 liters / month
  • 4,692 Kg CO2 carbon footprints reduction / month.

** Data source – Operation sheet provided by pump

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