Solar Power Plant At Petrol Pump

11Due to high demand for petrol and diesel, there are countless number of petrol stations catering to the fuel demand of India. Many petrol pumps need to be operational on a 24×7 basis. Running these pumps require a constant supply of electricity, in areas of deficit power, most of the pumps operate on diesel generators as an auxiliary source of power.


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The solution by Autonic is specially designed for petrol pump application, to manage high inrush current from pumps and multioperation loads. The unique solutions support almost all the load for smooth operation of petrol pumps. This battery backed up solutions reduces the Diesel usage and optimizes the plant operation. Automatic operation mode allows trouble free interface and seamless change over to solar without any interruption.

Autonic Solution.

Calculation for Petrol Pump (5kW)

ApplicationLoad in WattNo.of fittingTotal WattTotal LoadCapacity (kWp) With 4h BackupTotal LoadCapacity (kWp) With 6h BackupTotal Load

Capacity (kWp) With 8h Backup

Petrol Dispenser10002200080006kWp120009kWp1600011kWp
Canopy Lights1501015006000900012000
Street Light1505750300045006000

Calculation for Petrol Pump (10kW)

Petrol Dispenser1000440001600012kWp2400017kWp3200020kWp
Canopy Lights15015225090001350018000
Street Light15015225090001350018000

Calculation for Petrol Pump (15kW)

Petrol Dispenser1000440001600016kWp2400024kWp3200031kWp
Canopy Lights150355250210003150042000
Street Light150355250210003150042000

Calculation for Petrol Pump (17kW)

Petrol Dispenser1000550002400018kWp3000027kWp4000036kWp
Canopy Lights150406000240003600048000
Street Light150406000240003600048000