Type 1 11W 74W 12V/75AH 12 hrs/3Days ASSL-C-11W74
Type 2 9W 50W 12V/50AH 12 hrs/3Days ASSL-C-9W50
MINI 2.5W (LED) 3W 6V/7AH 4hrs/3Days ASLL2


Model Luminary Watts Solar Panel Battery Daily operation/Autonomy Product Code
Type 1 9W 50W 12V/40AH 12 hrs/3Days ASSL-C 9 W50
Type 2 12W 74W 12V/75AH 12 hrs/3Days ASSL-C-9W74
Type 3 18W 100W 12V/100AH 12 hrs/3Days ASSL-C-9W100

Features :
Micro controller Based design
In-Built inverter and charge controller     2
Automatic dusk to dawn controller
Battery over charging,deep discharging protection
Short Circuit protection
Extremely Low Maintenance
Low power consumption
Free from noise, smoke and pollution
High reliability and durability
MNRE approved product
Efficient Solar PV Module-Crystalline Solar Module with 10 years warranty
Applications :