Things to know before going Solar

For any interested investor or developer, it is necessary to know the Basics Facts of Solar Energy before moving to the advanced stage of site selection and/or site feasibility and study and evaluating Project Viability.

1. Solar Radiation (Location Feasibility)
Understanding Solar radiation in a particular area is of prime importance and plays a vital role in Project Viability. It thus helps in understanding the output that can be expected from the project in terms of kWh generation.

2. Site Feasibility
Site Feasibility mainly consists of evaluating a Site for its feasibility for installation of Solar Panels. This primarily includes shade-free area availability, Roof analysis (for rooftop projects), Terrain, Soil Analysis, Proximity to load/distribution center, Proximity to Substation (for grid-feed projects) etc.

Minimal maintenance and remote monitoring also ensure that manpower on site is kept to bare minimum.

3. Technology Feasibility
In Solar Photo Voltaic there are various technologies and is mainly categorized into Crystalline and Thin-Film technology. Within each category there are different types. Each technology has its pros and cons and based on the characteristics of a particular site the technology is selected.

The technical feasibility is important as it generally decides the fate of the project in terms of kWh output and also in terms of reliable and stable operations for years to come. For a trouble-free performance and optimized output of a Solar Photo Voltaic Power Project, the initial due diligence is of prime importance. It is especially useful for a long-term reliability and stable performance. With improving the affordability of Solar Photo Voltaic it is no surprise that India shall continue to witness an upsurge in the number of Solar Photo Voltaic Power Projects in the times to come.

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