Commercial Model For Project


  • 100% Investment of the customer.
  • Can avail depreciation and tax benefit.
  • Payback period from 3 to 5 years.
  • Project is owned by the customer so can take full benefit of Net meter scheme.
  • Operation and maintenance contract will be optional.

Deferred Capex

Salient Features

  • In deferred capex the investor will fund 70% of the project value.
  • The EMI will be generally less than the savings earned thru placing of Solar System.
  • The EMI’s will be payable for maximum 5 Years.
  • The Off taker (the consumer) will invest 30% of the project value and will get 40% Depreciation in the first year.
  • The Funding will be unsecured and Interest rates will be 16 to 18% PA on reducing balance. No additional collateral required.
  • Processing fees of 2% payable. 
  • Free use of solar post the EMI’s 
  1. The O & M and cleaning will be under Autonic’s Scope till the time the last EMI has been paid of by the Customer
  2. Financial Papers as per MSME Reachout

This model is specially  for societies, clubs, schools, colleges, MSME’s not getting funds from secured lenders.


Salient Features

  • 100% Finance against the project. The project will be owned by the developer.
  • No Depreciation benefit.
  • Credit ratings and financials of the company as per Financial institute/ investors norms
  • The PPA will be generally for 15 to 25 Years.
  • Solar Asset will be transferred post the PPA terms to enjoy further benefits of power generation
  • Option to buy the solar plant after the lock-in period.

General required documents:

  • Financials for past 3 Years and till last Quarter. Full Balance Sheets and not the mandatory paper advertisements.
  • Credit rating certification current date
  • Bank transactions and statements  for  6 months
  • Latest electricity bills for past three months.
  • Details of Power assessed under the Open Access.
  • Further details will be sent later

Feel free to contact at [email protected] for details
Commercials as approved by Investors and Financial Institution.