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International Business: International reach, and Global solution

We are total Solar Project company, with excellence in solar energy systems and rooftop solar projects. We offer complete spectrum of solutions from Utility scale, roof top and special projects.  Autonic will like to expand our operation by offering solutions in new geography and regions.

EPC solutions includes design, engineering, procurement and construction of the projects. We can extend the offering to design, project management and Operation and Maintenance for existing and operating projects.  The services will depend on customers need and market opportunity.

Currently, we have a presence in across three countries with operations in India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and East Africa, which has helped us diversify our global reach.



Opportunity Matrix  : Philosophy

  • Create innovative and effective solutions for the solar & energy efficient products market.
  • Identify and fulfill the energy needs of rural and peri-urban market. Future Ready.
  • Tie-up with a local partner for overseas market for technology and BD support.

Autonic Advantage

  • 15 years of hardcore solar experience in solar energy systems
  • Dedicated Promoter passionate to create a mark on the solar industry.
  • Complete dedicated solar team, Design based focus approach.
  • Focus on performance of the systems and optimizing generation.
  • An experimental approach, to give an edge over the competition.
  • Early adopter approach, the capability to expand the business to the next level

Solar Projects

1. Utility Based Project

2. Floating Solar Project

Rooftop Solar

1. Tenders

2. Commercial Rooftop

3. Industrial Rooftop

Petrol Pump


Cold Chain




Floating Solar


Off-Grid Solar Application


Solar Projects

1. Tenders

2. Commercial Rooftop

3. Industrial Rooftop

Solar Pump


Petrol Pump


International Advisory and Business Strategy Consulting  

  • Autonic with solar experience can advise companies planning explore solar opportunities.
  • Evaluating market entry options.
  • Create a products and solutions offering and create revenue and positioning for go-to market.
  • Offer turnkey or option based solution on design and Procurement.
  • Benchmarking, best practices and solutions   and competition in the geography.

Three Category Approach

We have moved from a cusp zone of extracting value from Environment, Economy, and Established society to start thinking environment first philosophy.

The new paradigm will give the leverage to adopt new values and re-engineer the business process – open policy towards changing and acknowledging to new market realities. The future is here to stay, thinking will help Autonic take advantage of its enhancements in green products and to value this advantage on the market in the future.

Partner Engagement

They are an important tool that can be used to augment product and service innovations, to link innovation to strategy, to coordinate activities within an organisation, and they can be a source of innovation as well.


The Main Objectives for the Association

  • To gather information about the market size, corporate and Government and facilitate interaction with the  customers,  with an intention to delivery / develop  a  Solar EPC project or solutions in Solar space.
  • Share experience in developing effective collaboration with Autonic delivering world-class technology, Design, engineering, and projects in  the select market,
  • Create an integrated value  chain for turnkey customer satisfaction
  • Create a solar company with world-class installation and a major player in the region.
  • Supply design and engineering support for existing projects
  • Design engineering for the Solar project

Partner Requisites

  • Good relations with the Government and ministry
  • Existing infrastructure and base
  • Diversified group activities, preferred knowledge of the market
  • Professional management and passionate about working towards future technologies and solutions