Autonic is a Roof top and an innovative solar system solutions provider in commercial & Industrial space. Autonic adds a unique edge in the  renewable sector with  innovative engineering, design, and project execution skill sets. The company has a vision to provide solar PV technology for all applications with  a focus on R&D.

Autonic was the  first to install solar ATM solutions for IndusInd Bank in 2009. Many more innovative solutions have been designed and supplied since then.

Solar ATM solutions for IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank Limited has the privilege of being the first private bank in India for having set up the first- solar powered ATM in 2009. The bank has installed a solar powered Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at a place called Lamington Road @ Mumbai. The solar panels are spread on a rooftop of a four-story building.

Solar Forest: Surya Aranya, Art Deco

Surya Aranya, meaning “Forest of the Sun” in Sanskrit, is an outdoor solar-powered lighting installation. The installation is a cluster composition of six trees embedded with 14 solar panels to produce 750 watts of energy which self-illuminate and power 28 surrounding garden lights from dusk to dawn. The entire system is fully automated through light sensors and is also synchronized with the main grid through a master control panel to accommodate any fluctuations in solar power during the monsoon season. The trees are built of all-weather proof fiber-glass with leaves in different hues of green, orange and red representing the changing seasons reflected in the Indian Almond tree(Terminalia catappa).

Awarded by Tata Capital at TATA innovista 2014 for design and new ideas in solar