The power that is supplied to the grid is most often produced by coal-fired power plants, which pollute the environment by releasing tonnes of greenhouse gases. Coal leaves harmful byproducts upon combustion, these byproducts cause a lot of pollution and contribute to global warming. The increased carbon emissions led to climate changes.
Grid connected PV systems generate energy from sunlight during the day. This energy goes into a grid connect inverter which converts the DC current into AC current, similar to that of the grid. This solar electricity current can then power all the appliances in your home, such as cooking appliances, phones, computers, lights, radios, etc… Power can be drawn directly from the solar inverter and any leftover electricity can then be fed back into the grid.
If you need to use more electricity than what is produced by your grid connected solar system, that power will simply be taken from the main distribution grid. On the other hand, if you produce more energy than what you use, then you are credited for the surplus on your electricity bill.

Let’s make use of SUN !!!

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